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AusLSA Sustainability HR Checklist

12 September 2012 1:20 PM | Anonymous member

Environmental sustainability and human resource management checklist

The following checklist provides a number of actions a human resource or practice manager may pursue to incorporate environmental sustainability values into the way the firm conducts its business.

Step 1 – Vision, mission, values and strategy

  • Develop/upgrade the firm’s vision, mission and values framework to incorporate environmental sustainability.
  • Involve employees in the development of the environmental sustainability strategy and the mission, vision, values framework of the firm.

Step 2 – Codes of conduct

  • Incorporate the principles of environmental sustainability into the employee code of conduct.

Step 3 – Workforce planning and recruitment

  • Evaluate the environmental sustainability skills of any current employees and incorporate environmental sustainability into recruitment programmes.
  • Incorporate environmental sustainability into employer brand and employee values.

Step 4 – Orientation, training and competency development

  • Provide general environmental sustainability training and include elements in employee promotion and pathways.

Step 5 – Compensation and performance management

  • Provide an informal rewards system which incorporates environmental sustainability values.
  • Integrate environmental sustainability into job descriptions, performance reviews and exit interviews.

Step 6 – Change management and firm culture

  • Align environmental sustainability values and principles with any organisational change management programs.

Step 7 – Employee involvement and participation

  • Promote events which raise employee awareness of environmental sustainability, including action which they may take at home, work and in the community.

Step 8 – Environmental sustainability policy and programme development

  • Incorporate environmental sustainability policies and programmes in HR management, e.g. carbon footprint, employee volunteering.

Step 9 – Employee communications

  • Communicate environmental sustainability objectives, plans and progress to employees.
  • Promote regular employee communication to raise awareness of environmental sustainability.

Step 10 – Measurement, reporting and celebrating success

  • Include environmental sustainability performance measures into employee engagement services.
  • Measure and report on progress toward integration of environmental sustainability objectives.
  • Celebrate small wins and any major milestones.

Adapted, with permission, from the publication 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management Checklist', copyright©2009 by Strandberg Consulting, Solution for a Sustainable World]
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