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AusLSA Members Sustainability Survey

09 January 2013 1:41 PM | Anonymous member

AusLSA Survey Summary: Environmental Sustainability Engagement

In August 2012, the AusLSA Staff Engagement Working Group conducted a survey of AusLSA Members on their achievements and activities for engaging with staff on Environmental Sustainability (ES).

Do firms have an ES 'champion'?

  • 74% of firms have an ES 'champion' with the majority of champions being Senior Managers, Directors or Partners
  • 9% of firms provide a means for senior management to engage with employees on ES issues

Do firms have an Environmental Committee?

  • 61% of firms have an Environmental Committee that staff are encouraged to join
  • Pleasingly membership of these committees is generally spread evenly between fee-earners, support staff, senior management and partners

How many firms include ES as part of their staff inductions, performance reviews and/or competency framework?

  • Only 39% of firms include ES in their new staff inductions
  • And only 10% of firms include ES in their performance reviews and/or competency framework

Do firms promote and reward ES initiatives and positive outcomes?

  • Pleasingly 89% of firms promote ES initiatives and positive outcomes
  • However only 20% reward their staff for these positive outcomes

How many firms provide an ES information portal and feedback suggestions?

  • 59% of firms have some form of information portal (intranet, newsletter)
  • Of these firms 71% of the information portals allow staff to provide feedback or suggestions

Overall how do firms rate their current level of staff engagement for ES?

The survey results highlight that further opportunities exist for most AusLSA Members to improve their ES staff engagement which will ultimately improve their overall ES program.

The AusLSA Staff Engagement Working Group continues to develop useful tools which will help member firms along this journey, such as
  • A Human Resources Checklist that will help embed sustainability in an organisation
  • A 6 Step Toolkit with ideas and useful resources to assist with engaging employees on sustainability

73% of AusLSA Members responded to the Staff Engagement Survey

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