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Sustainability Themes

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... we are building a new set of resources and themes to more closely match the current AusLSA Sustainability Framework and better integrate with our AusLSA Allies.

AusLSA delivers ideas, information and tools on various sustainability themes to encourage Members to focus their efforts on a different theme each quarter.

To promote staff engagement and facilitate the implementation of sustainability initiatives we are collating ideas and resources on each theme. We suggest that in following a Green Theme, you can associate it with a significant environmental day as a motivation for your efforts, programs or celebrations. 

  Energy  Waste
 Travel  Procurement
 Climate Change  Calendar
 Paper  Suggestions


  Engagement Ideas
Invite employees to make individual pledges to reduce their energy use
Run a ‘switch-off’ campaign. And perhaps offer rewards for staff who suggest good energy saving ideas and initiatives.
Check what PC shutdown processes are in place. Consider IT policy for Sleep/Hibernate after X minutes or software to auto shutdown
Commit to the ‘3things’ initiative – making suggestions to employees (Turn off appliances, etc) but asking them to select their own
Crowd source ideas for energy saving ideas via company intranets – employees are more likely to be engaged if they come up with the ideas
Run a survey or quiz on environmental issues
Organise a regularly quick-wins or tips column for your firms newsletter, intranet
Provide powerboards or kill switches to staff so they can easily turn off all their desk electronics at the end of the day, including their monitor and chargers left on standby
Conduct a ‘night audit’ of electricity use in your office (as promoted by the CitySwitch program) to determine what non-essential power is being used unnecessarily at night
Depending on the size of firm, have a friendly competition between each office to reduce electricity use per headcount over the three month period (or longer)
Earth Hour - sign up to participate, tools and downloads, inspirational videos.
Energy Saver Posters
YouTube: ‘Human Power Shower’The Hummingbird and the Forest FireShe’s Alive…Beautiful…Finite…Hurting…Worth dying for
Encourage AusLSA members to join the CitySwitch program in NSW, VIC, SA and WA
Miniature Earth Project
  Events / Guest Speakers
Organise a lunchtime talk on ‘greening your home’
Jane Fullerton-Smith (MD, Green Shoots Pacific & Sustainable Events Alliance) Engaging guest speaker, or can run workshops on specific topics
Launch the energy initiative with a lunch-time/evening screening of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ or similar film – powered by the ‘Magnificent Revolution’ (pedal powered cinema)
Get an AusLSA member to host a network lunch in each city for other AusLSA members to talk about their experiences in energy savings in their offices
Organise a guest speaker to talk about and explain the benefits of green power and off-setting for businesses



 Engagement Ideas
Distribute the AusLSA Staff Travel Survey across your firm and get a customised report with recommendations from AusLSA!
Provide public transport tickets for inner-city business travel
Run a campaign to promote the use of virtual meetings
Encourage riding, walking to work, carpooling once a week/month and provide a free breakfast for those who participate
Try organising some ‘Walking Meetings‘. If it’s good enough for Steve Jobs….
Host events in central locations and educate attendees as to why you have chosen that location
Subscribe to your city’s bike or car share scheme and offer the facility to staff
Ask regular cyclists, walkers to promote their positive commuting experiences through the intranet or newsletter
Publicise the available facilities for cyclists
Pedometer challenge! Set a target and organise teams. There are Apps, like Pacer, that are free to use.
Investigate if your firm will support any type of Commuter Club program that may make it cheaper for staff to buy public transport tickets
City of Sydney runs free cycling courses for riding confidence and maintenance – might be a useful contact for running corporate courses
 Events / Guest Speakers
Organise a lunchtime talk on bicycle safety and maintenance
Clover Moore is a huge advocate for cycling


      Climate Change

 Engagement Ideas
Run a ‘Buy Local’ campaign for staff and/or promote local purchasing by the firm -  Australian Made
Look at current office supplies / stationery and see if there are better ‘green products’ that can be used
Promote Meat Free Mondays: Encourage staff to go meat free at home, all catering orders to be meat free
Climate Friendly’s Flight Portal can help your firm track emissions and invest in interesting and worthwhile offsetting projects.

 Events / Guest Speakers
Run a locally-sourced breakfast or food and wine event
Ask a Travel Management Company to talk about how they advise clients to reduce travel emissions



 Engagement Ideas
Run a ‘reduce your paper use’ campaign (Maddocks ‘Wipe off 5‘)
Distribute native seeds/seedlings to staff
Arrange a volunteer tree planting day
Weekly intranet tips/facts
Engaging posters in obvious places (by photocopier, printer, bins etc.) with facts about paper usage/wastage
Organise a plant a tree day
Run a small trial of E-filing or ‘swipe and print’ and calculate paper savings
Publicise your paper use as identified by AusLSA Environmental Reporting. Calculate paper volumes into novel metrics. Average paper use in 2012 was 125kg per person!
Review any hard copy subscriptions that your firm receives and see if you can stop / reduce by going on-line
Review your print / copy room procedures to make sure they are promoting sustainable printing practices and challenging inefficient requests where possible
AusLSA – Responsible Paper Guide
AusLSA - Paper Volumes Poster
AusLSA - Environmental Impacts Poster
Finsbury Green – Green Paper Guide
Environmental Paper Network 
Environmental Impacts of Paper Calculator
Save Paper – a Do Something campaign
PaperCutz – a Planet Ark campaign
World Wildlife Fund – Save Paper campaign
FujiXerox – The Paper Facts Report
LexisNexis Going Paperless
Get the catalogue not the paper
Add your address to the ‘Do not mail’ list
Get a free ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker
 Events / Guest Speakers
Jon Dee – Founding Partner, Planet Ark and MD of ‘Do Something’ 



 Engagement Ideas
Run a recycle campaign: stationery, phones, batteries, clothes etc
Subsidise re-usable coffee cups/bottles or eco-bags
Organise with a local coffee shop to provide a discount on take away coffees  in  re-usable coffee cups
Spot checks for under-desk bins & provide incentives for those who doing the right thing
Promote the health and productivity benefits of getting up from your desk every so often
Place clear recycling signage with images and/or lists of items above bins
Signage in kitchens and toilets providing reminders and info on waste, recycling or water savings
Encourage recycling by removing landfill bins from offices/desks or swap to 3-in-1 bins
Host a morning tea to discuss your environment / sustainability report or latest achievements
Provide reusable bags or organise for staff to bring in spare bags for home
Organise a recycling drive for: batteries, old mobile phones, clothes donations
Organise for the collection of Organic waste either through building waste providers or bokashi bins in the kitchens. Staff can take home the compost, or you could organise to fertilise a nearby garden space
Carry out a basic 24hr internal waste audit of your office to review areas for improvement
Organise for left over catering to be provided to a food distribution charity (Oz Harvest, Second Bite, et al)
Organise a day for staff to bring in unused business clothes for collection
I didn’t know I could recycle that! – state-based guides to recycling (from ACTNSW (Sydney), QueenslandSATASVIC,  WA and NT (No overview guides available)
ABC Great Garbage Quiz : test yourself, or your staff, on the garbage knowledge
YouTube: The Story of StuffChange The Way We Think – Water Used to Make 1 LatteThe Story of Bottled Water
KeepCups - speak with your local coffee shops to see if they will give a discount to those who use their KeepCups and their online store for waste collection, up-cycling and recycling (also supports training of under-employed and disadvantaged)
Recycling office attire – charities like Fitted for work collect clothes to help disadvantaged people prepare for and find work
AusLSA E-waste ideas and references
 Events / Guest Speakers
Run a launch event showing ‘The Story of Stuff’ and have  a ‘rubbish’ competition – split staff into teams and give them a variety of rubbish items that they need to put into the correct bin
Abigail Forsyth, CEO of KeepCup and the impact that re-usable coffee cups can have
Darren Andrews, GreenCollect,  and how they up-cycle various items and on-sell them to the public and businesses. And the positive social impact this also has



Coming Soon!

 Engagement Ideas


 Engagement Ideas


 JANUARY  National Bird Day
 FEBRUARY  World Wetlands Day
 MARCH  Clean Up Australia Day
   Earth Hour
   International Day of Forests
   World Water day
 APRIL  Earth Day
 MAY  National Volunteering week
   National Water Week
   International Day for Biological Diversity
   World Turtle Day
   National Sorry Day  
   National Reconciliation Week
 JUNE  World Environment Day
   World Oceans Day
   Global Wind Day
   International Ride to Work Day
   World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
   Mabo Day
 JULY  National Tree Day
   World Population Day
   NAIDOC Week
 AUGUST  International Day for World Indigenous People 
   Keep Australia Beautiful Week
 SEPTEMBER  National Biodiversity Month
   National Wattle Day
   National Landcare Week 
   National Threatened Species Day 
   Sustainable House Day 
   National Bilby Day 
   International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 
   Clean up the World Weekend 
   World Water Monitoring Day 
   World Car-free Day 
 OCTOBER  Walk to Work Day 
   World Animal Day 
   World Habitat Day 
   World Food Day
   International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
 NOVEMBER  National Recycling Week
 DECEMBER  CoastCare week
   International Mountain day




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