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AusLSA Environmental Management System

  • 01 June 2018
  • Provision of EMS Resources and assistance, manual, workshops and meetings


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AusLSA: Helping law firms with tender responses
The business case for sustainability is strong; it can reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce reputational risks and engage staff.

Sustainability can also facilitate better engagement with customers and i
ncreasingly clients are expecting law firms to report on how they are identifying and addressing their environmental and social impacts. 

Membership of AusLSA and participation in AusLSA Reporting can be used to communicate with clients, like those in the finance sector, that your firm has a strong commitment to sustainability. 

But AusLSA can help your firm do better!

Environmental Management System
Many large companies suggest that their suppliers implement an environmental management system (EMS), including the big players in the Australian finance sector. 

An EMS is an internationally recognised management tool to help your firm identify and mitigate environmental impacts. 

AusLSA Environmental Management System
AusLSA has developed an EMS for law firms. The AusLSA EMS (AEMS):
  • is tailored for the legal sector,
  • is simple and easy to implement,
  • includes templates and guidance, and
  • is recognised across the finance sector. 

The AusLSA EMS is also a very cost effective option for law firms to implement an EMS. Find out more here.


Sustainability in finance sector procurement

Westpac - Sustainability in Action
Westpac's program of Sustainability in Action includes commitments to:
  • Screen suppliers for their performance in social, ethical and environmental issues management
  • Set minimum performance standards
  • Monitor compliance with sustainability requirements and statements of compliance,  and
  • Terminate business relationships if performance remains below standard.
NAB - Dig Deeper
NAB's 'Dig Deeper'  Report on their supply chain, states: 

"In 2014 supplier selection criteria in
Australia will be expanded to include...a weighting for sustainability
in our evaluation matrix."

ANZ - Supplier code of practice
ANZ's Supplier Code of Practice outlines their expectations of all suppliers environmental management including:
  • Environmental Management Systems,
  • integration of environmental management principles, 
  • effective reporting and 
  • continuous improvement.

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