OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 18 AusLSA ABILITY PROFILE BACK TO NAVIGATION I N D I G ENOUS RECONCILI A T I O N RECYCLING 100% 100% 25% 50% E N V I R O N M ENTAL MANA G E M E N T • Earth Hour INITIATIVES: LEGAL PRO BONO PRO BONO CENTRE TARGET C H A RITABLE GIV I N G • Corporate donations • Staff giving • Matched giving INITIATIVES: N O N L E GAL VOLUNT E E R I N G • Boards • Non Legal volunteering programs • Allocation of paid volunteer time for employees INITIATIVES: OFFICES P A PER USAG E 1 3 8 kg/emplo y e e 96,262kg 42% CERTIFICATION: • PEFC • NCOS STRATEGY NON LEGAL VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITIES NON-PROFIT/ COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION TARGET MET CORPORATE GIVING PROGRAM POLICY IN DEV’T ENV. IMPROVEMENT TARGET ENV. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) IN DEV’T POLICY 6.8t 0.35% 1,391t 72% 520t 27% G REENHOUSE GAS EMISSION S SCOPE ONE SCOPE TWO SCOPE THREE 72% 0.09t/m 2 0.00% 0.00t/m 2 0.00% 0.00% 0.35% 24% 0 . 6 7t/emplo y e e 2.6% 0 . 0 7t/emplo y e e GROSS 1,918t – 2.7t/employee NET 1,918t – 2.7t/employee The below icons provide limited information about the firm’s legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firm’s websites. Further information from AusLSA R e c ycled con t e n t % office availability • NAIDOC Week activities • We are building relationships with indigenous communities through our probono and D&I committments activities INITIATIVES: approach to everything we do. We are a nine offices across Australia, serving the ancial services, technology, mining, ertise spans corporate and commercial o IPOs, mining to manufacturing, and urement. s through our pro bono legal and edicated to taking action to assist e and supportive workplace for to maintain a business that is ainable. Floor Area: 15,714m2 The Environmental Management System, currently in development, will be implemented and overseen by a national committee and will focus on reducing our environmental footprint, ensuring we are sourcing environmentally sustainable products and implementing systems and procedures to monitor and manage our resource consumption. A pilot program is being trialled in our Sydney office to commence more efficient resource and waste management processes. Sparke Helmore provides non-legal support to local not-for-profit organisations and charities through our Community Program, as well as pro bono legal assistance through our Pro Bono Program. The focus of these programs is to have a positive impact on our local communities and build local connections. Through our Pro Bono Program we provide legal assistance to individuals who have difficulty accessing justice. We also assist charities so their income can be directed to further advance their valuable services. In the 17/18 FY, we completed 12,157 hours of pro bono legal work. One example of our pro bono contribution is our Wills Clinics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in regional, rural or remote areas in NSW and WA. In the 17/18 FY we assisted more than 107 attendees to draft over 240 estate documents including wills, powers of attorney and appointments of enduring guardianship. We also run a number of non-legal initiatives through our Community Program such as payroll giving, sharing our resources and community volunteering. Our staff members are actively involved in a range of community organisations, from the grassroots level to the boardroom and we regularly host or participate in local activities in support of these organisations.