201 SUSTAINA AusLSA EXECUTIVE MEMBER: OUR PEOPLE OUR GOVERNANCE SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: F L E XIBLE WORKPLA C E I N C LUSIVE WORKPLA C E GENDER EQUALITY • International Women's Day participant INITIATIVES: C O D E O F C O N DUCT / RISK M A N A G E M E N T CODE OF CONDUCT TRAINING • Law Council Diversity • Equality Charter INITIATIVES: • Environment • Fair Operating Practices S U S T A I N A B L E SUPPLY CHAIN M A N A G E M E N T SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT STANDARDS APPLY TO NEW SUPPLIERS STANDARDS APPLY TO EXISTING SUPPLIERS POLICY • Flexible hours of work • Time in lieu • Part time work • Telecommuting • Unpaid leave • Carer’s leave INITIATIVES: P H YSICAL WELLBEI N G • Ergonomics • Flu vaccinations • Work based physical fitness • Free wellness activities such as yoga and subsidised gym membership INITIATIVES: P S Y C H O LOGICAL WELL B E I N G • Signatory to the TJMF • Beyond Blue programs participant • RUOK programs participant • Confidential professional psychological support • Mental health first aid training INITIATIVES: S U S T A I N ABILITY REP O R T I N G BCP OR ERP COMPLAINTS & GRIEVANCE MECHANISM RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN SUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: PARTNERS LEGAL STAFF NON-LEGAL STAFF 43% FEMALE 56% FEMALE 84% FEMALE POLICY RETURN TO WORK AFTER PARENTAL LEAVE 66% PRIMARY CARER SECONDARY CARER 1 WEEK 12 WEEKS POLICY D I V E R S I T Y POLICY L G B T I POLICY STAFF SURVEYS STAFF SURVEYS POLICY POLICY PROMOTED Swaab is a multi-award winning, mid-size services across a number of core practice partners we have been helping our clients We have strong capabilities in the areas of co large private client practice provides family net worths persona In recent years, we have been recognised fo and our exceptional work We also have a number of international attorneys and agents to assist them w Australia’s business landscape and the business in Austral Headcount: 76 (FTE) We place a high value on the well-being of our people. Our Managing Partner is on the board of the Minds Count Foundation and our firm is a regular supporter by monthly donation. We have partnered with Optum to provide an employee assistance program with 24 hours seven days a week access for our people and their families. We have a range of learning and development initiatives that focus on mental health and well-being. We are a signatory to the Law Council’s Diversity and Equality Charter. 43% of our partners are females and we demonstrate a disproportionately high female leadership team. This is something that our firm is extremely proud of because this has happened organically, without any set targets for diversity. We have a high number of part-time employees, both female and male and we have embraced flexible working across all levels of the firm. Swaab has introduced a formal policy on sustainability. The five pillars of the firm’s sustainability initiative are people, community, environmental, pro bono and supply chain. At Swaab, sustainability is regarded as an integral part of our business management practice. We have a sustainability committee comprised of partners and staff who take responsibility for each pillar of the sustainability initiative. The sustainability committee have been successful this year in establishing a firm-wide response to sustainability. Projects include indigenous internship program, increased community engagement through corporate citizen, developing a paper lite-program, moving to carbon neutral paper, engaging with suppliers regarding CSR as part of our procurement process, recycling drives, setting a formal pro bono budget and strengthening our relationship with Lifeline and Minds Count. We are a signatory to the Law Council’s Diversity and Equity Charter. The sustainability committee has been successful in keeping sustainability on the partnership and management’s agenda on a regular basis. SWAAB