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CORPORATE GIVING - Philanthropy is evolving in these 11 ways

Who has the responsibility — or the right — to tackle complex problems like poverty and climate change. How are nonprofits and funders evolving in response to changing community needs. What is just, and what is kind? These questions are shaped by and interpreted through the lens' of larger world forces like justice, equality, civic trust, and compassion.

Experts and thought leaders from the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy explore 11 trends in philanthropy for 2020. Read their finding HERE

DIVERSITY - Equality for people with a disability 

Its time to apply what we have learned from addressing cultural and gender inequality and the diversity and inclusion frameworks to address inequality experienced by people with a disability. A study from Cardiff University found the exclusion of disabled people places unspoken boundaries on disabled workers. 

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PAPER - Not all environmental certifications are equal 

For a long time environmental certification has been pursued as a panacea to allow us to distil complex information and to make ethical consumer choices that align with our values. But not all certifications are equal. Consumer research has found that company sustainability claims are much more credible when they are coupled with independent verification. Put simply, consumers trust when you verify. This is especially true when it comes to forests.

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CLIMATE CHANGE - Australia is badly exposed to economic loss from climate change 

Parts of the Government and industry argue that the economic cost and human sacrifice of transitioning from Australia's successful past are too high to justify meaningful action on climate change. But sobering economic forecasts are being released almost weekly including the latest report that estimates the global cost of climate change at $15 trillion by 2050 with $29 billion being lost annually to the Australian economy. 

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CLIMATE CHANGE - Is climate change litigation a risk for companies and their advisers?

Class actions in industries like agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, asbestos to tobacco are becoming more mainstream. History and the courts pursuing companies who knew (or should have known) about the risks of their products and decisions and didn't manage or disclose the risk effectively. Is climate change next? Former Chief Justice of the High Court Robert French thinks so 

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ESG - 2020 Trends are all pointing toward... more 

US corporate governance experts Diligent Corporation has produced its 2020 trends for governance. The whitepaper features ESG, Transparency, Culture and Purpose as key areas for growth, opportunity and risk.

Read the report HERE or if you have 15 minutes to put your headphones on... listen to their engaging video HERE 

CARBON NEUTRALITY - EY announces Carbon Neutral by 2020 

AusLSA's major supporter, EY  announced today that it will achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2020. EY will focus on areas including reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices and purchasing more renewable electricity to power EY offices. It will also purchase carbon credits to offset the EY carbon footprint and invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere including reforestation projects.

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CARBON OFFSETTING - Climate Positive and the shift towards regenerative business 

The opportunities to be carbon neutral and the appetite for of businesses to address the negative impacts of its operations have increased both. This provides a forward facing approach that deals with the future and current emissions without really addressing social economic and environmental impacts that we have already caused. Companies are now making climate positive commitments that recognise the need to reverse the higher levels of atmospheric GHGs and reverse the damage already caused.  

Read about the Carbon Positive trend HERE 

Reasons to be cheerful - 2020 State of Green Business

Who isn't looking for some reason for optimism to start 2020 and to see some signs of positive change in our society and economy?... I know I am. Each year the 2020 State of Green Business surveys the S&P 1200 and S&P 500. The results might surprise you. Read the full Report Here 

PURPOSE - Business Roundtable’s new memo on the “Purpose of a Corporation,” 

Last summer, 181 CEOs signed the Business Roundtable’s new memo on the “Purpose of a Corporation,” which emphasised their commitment to customers, employees, suppliers, and communities more broadly. And when it comes to addressing difficult economic, environmental and societal challenges, these companies are starting in their own backyards – partnering with communities to provide the investment and innovative solutions needed to revitalise local economies and improve lives. Read More Here