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06 June 2013 1:46 PM | Anonymous member


The Ideal Paper?
Update on Evolve Recycled
Ideas for Reducing Paper

The Ideal Paper?
During an AusLSA webinar on paper, the Wilderness Society and ECO-Buy identified the ideal paper would be:
  • Carbon-neutral,
  • made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, AND
  • Australian-made.
Unfortunately, a single paper that satisfied all three didn't exist...until now!

Reflex 100% is 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC certified, NCOS certified Carbon Neutral and Australian-made.

Currently it is only available through Staples (link to product page).

For any law firms that have signed the Ethical Paper Pledge, please note that this is a Reflex product.
Update on Evolve Recycled
A number of AusLSA Members have used Evolve Recycled paper, but the Alizay mill in France where Evolve was manufactured was shut down last year.

The French government has negotiated with Double A to purchase the mill and recommence manufacturing Evolve Recycled Paper.

Double A has committed to continuing the production of Evolve alongside their own paper, and plan to start the plant back up again mid-2013. The recycled pulp used will continue to come from a pulp mill in the UK.

Double A is a Thai company that has their own version of sustainable paper made from eucalyptus trees planted in the empty space between rice paddies.

Link to news story

Ideas for reducing Paper
Reduce paper weight
A number of UK firms (members of LSA-UK) are further reducing their paper use by selecting paper that is less than the usual 80gsm.

One firm has opted for using 65gsm (including in external communications) and noted that there was no noticeable difference in printer performance or appearance. An immediate 20% reduction in paper use!

Reduce font and margins
Decreasing font size by 1 point and slightly decreasing margins can have a significant impact on the number of pages in large documents.

Talk to your marketing teams about changing your firm's style guide and templates.

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