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Paperless Chase Webinars

11 July 2014 2:48 PM | Anonymous member

Paperless chase is a resource developed by USA attorney and author, Ernest Svenson which provides advice and guidance on transitioning to a paperless law office. Access to webinars generally costs $40.

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Current webinars available include

PAPERLESS 101 (+ Ethics)

An introduction to creating a paperless law practice, presented by Legal Ethics expert & Loyola Law Professor, Dane Ciolino, and attorney Ernie Svenson. They explain how they set up their paperless law practices, with recommendations about which scanner to use, how to manage digital documents, and ethics issues.Cost: $40 – Click to Pay & Watch Now.


An extension of Paperless 101. Dane Ciolino and Ernie Svenson continue their explanation of how to create and maintain a paperless law practice, focusing on the use of PDFs, which are prevalent in e-filing and e-discovery. PDFs are the equivalent of digital paper, and are crucial in creating a paperless law practice. Also discussed: case management software.
Cost: $40

EMAIL EFFICIENCY (+ Professionalism)

Dane Ciolino and Ernie Svenson draw on their personal experience and offer practical tips on how to overcome email overload. They also give useful advice on how to communicate better, and more professionally, using simple but powerful strategies and processes.
Cost: $40 .


Dane Ciolino and Ernie Svenson discuss the practical use of cloud storage tools such as Dropbox, and Google mail. They explain what cloud computing is, and how it can be helpful for lawyersundefinedespecially solo and small firm lawyers. Professor Ciolino draws on his Ethics expertise to offer advice on how to avoid Ethics problems while using cloud services.
Cost: $40 


Ernie Svenson and California attorney David Sparks explain how to set up an iPad for maximum security and confidentiality. They cover how to password protect an iPad, and also how to find a lost iPad, or remotely wipe all of the data if it’s stolen. Much of what they discuss is applicable to iPhones as well.
Cost: $40 


Ernie Svenson and California attorney David Sparks explain how to documents and PDFs onto an iPad, and how to manage documents & PDFs once on the device. The cover the basic apps that are best used for managing documents and PDFs, and offer recommendations based on personal experience in using iPads in their law practice.
Cost: $40 


Ernie Svenson draws on his more than 10 years of experience in using PDFs in his commercial litigation practice, and explains the basic skills that lawyers need to work with PDFs in their law practice. This session covers things that can be done with the free Adobe Reader program, and also talks briefly about some of the reasons lawyers would want Adobe Acrobat.
Cost: $40 


Ernie Svenson has started and maintained several law related blogs, and has extensively used social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. He explains how to discover your online reputation, and how to influence it in a positive way. He doesn’t cover blogging or maintaining your website.

Cost: $40


Legal Technology trainer Adriana Linares has taught hundreds of lawyers around the country to get more out of Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing tool used by busy lawyers and their equally busy staff. Stop being frustrated by Word, and get the basic knowledge you need to create better pleadings and contracts quickly, and with less stress.

Cost: $40

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