4 ABOUT THE AUSTRALIAN LEGAL SECTOR ALLIANCE Working together to improve sustainable practice The Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) is an expanding association of Australian law firms, strategic partners and key stakeholders who have chosen to work collaboratively to promote and increase sustainable practices across the legal sector. AusLSA is an independent not-for-profit enterprise which was developed and is funded solely by its law firm members. AusLSA provides a framework where its members, key partners and key stakeholders can contribute their knowledge and experience to further the groups shared sustainability values and objectives. AusLSA also provides tools and resources to assist it’s members to more easily plan and implement their sustainability initiatives. As a part of a global movement, AusLSA cooperates and shares information with the Legal Sustainability Alliance of England & Wales and the Law Firm Sustainability Network, based in the USA. AusLSA’s Vision and Mission Vision - The Australian legal sector is widely known as an international leader in social and environmental sustainability and for creating societal value. Mission - To work collaboratively to inspire and facilitate more sustainable practices across the legal sector addressing areas including our people, community, environment and governance. The AusLSA Principles All AusLSA Members have committed to the AusLSA Principles: 1. Developing a shared understanding of the value that sustainability provides across our businesses 2. Working collaboratively to build the capacity of our peers, suppliers and other stakeholders to improve their sustainability 3. Engaging in the public debate to develop, apply and promote best practice across the sector 4. Measuring, managing and improving the sustainability of our businesses 5. Reporting on our progress and being accountable. Further information about AusLSA is available on our website: www.legalsectoralliance.com.au