5 BACK TO NAVIGATION AusLSA’s Executive members AusLSA is indebted to the commitment and support of its six Executive Members and Ernst & Young. Since its establishment in 2010 AusLSA’s Executive Members have been instrumental in providing leadership, strategic, logistical and financial support: AusLSA is assisted by Ernst & Young, who provide executive administrative requirements and office support, and greatly benefits from the specialist expertise Ernst & Young provides through its board appointment. Ernst & Young is the largest and most experienced sustainability consultancy in Australia operating in the business to business space. Focus and Direction Every year our members’ commitment to sustainability and social impact grows. With this growth comes the opportunity and expectation to continually refine and improve the sustainability framework and to broaden the support available to ensure that AusLSA continues to evolve and enhance its member services so that Australian law firms can remain as a global example of leading practice for corporate purpose and responsibility. Our members, sustainability thought leaders and legal service customers guide AusLSA on the importance of a more complete sustainability view and approach and is continuing to build new capacity to help members keep pace with these developments and increased market expectations. AusLSA’s 3-year strategic plan is concentrating its efforts on building value to our members and stakeholders (including partners, employees, customers, stakeholder, regulators and other thought leaders). Priorities for 2019 Welcome more members – AusLSA needs members. Our membership both reinforces the industry support for the AusLSA model and contributes to the resources we need to provide and continually develop new programs and materials and to promote progress. Ongoing reporting development – AusLSA is continually reviewing the opportunities to improve metrics and reporting to most efficiently tell a useful story about members’ sustainability that meets the expectations of stakeholders, international best practice and our members. This year we will be preparing for the adoption of regulatory reporting requirements on modern slavery. New alliances – AusLSA is being strengthened through increased cooperation with selected sustainability thought leaders and NGOs. We will continue to identify and strengthen existing alliances that assist us to provide aligned reporting and share capacity building tools, programs and information that will make AusLSA the place to take the next step in member’s sustainability journey. Spreading the word – This year AusLSA will be increasing our conversations with the customers of legal services to better understand the types of sustainability information they are interested in from AusLSA and how we can most effectively provide it to them on our members behalf. Members’ commitment to sustainability and their AusLSA membership also provides a wide range of benefits to their firm’s different functions and internal stakeholders. In 2018, AusLSA will assist firms to communicate more widely about actions and commitments that different members provide to the community. Collecting the latest information and resources – AusLSA’s website has now been redeveloped to accommodate a broader and more up to date set of sustainability information and materials as well as being a portal to selected materials and programs from our alliance partners. During the year we will progressively populating the site with new topics as well as a stream of newsletters, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook streams to follow. A copy of all AusLSA Sustainability Insight reports, including the 2018 Sustainability Insight are available from our new website.