b"2019| GENERAL| MCINNES WILSON LAWYERSMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A E NDER EQUALI N M E A N A E NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C T Y OMcInnes Wilson Lawyers has beenN E G G E Nrecognised as a winner for Employer ofI I POLICY O GROSS SD INITIATIVES: E RM GV R 336t1.3t/employeeEEarth HourWorld Choice in The Australian Business Awards forR IVS Environment DayMobileEthree consecutive years. This achievementI Muster Recycling Programcan be attributed to the progressive focus ofY PUBLISHED N 1.1% 0.00% 0.85%T INITIATIVES: NE International Women's Day participantWGEAPOLICY T SCOPE 6.6tthe firm on developing and supporting itsINITIATIVES:Pay Equity AmbassadorThe \x1frm conducts an annualONE 2.0%workforce. LGBTI Awareness trainingIDAHOTgender pay gap analysisMCW Exceptional Female Week ParticipationMcInnes WilsonLawyer Award ENV.The firm has created a culture and workIMPROVEMENTLawyers is a Diversity Council AustraliaPUBLISHED TARGETenvironment in which our employees aremember and holds annual eventsPOLICY 5% 63% 63% 77% 0.00%stimulated to reach their full potential boththat mark diversity FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 258tat work and in their personal life. The firmTWO 77% GENDER0.06t/m2 0.00t/m2encourages every employee to proactivelyPUBLISHED EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALbe part of a learning organisation and isGICAL W TARGET STAFF STAFF E R U S Acommitted to enhancing our peoplesL O E L P G SCOPE 20.4% 0.77% 71tcapabilities through the facilitation of variousO INITIATIVES: L A E THREE 6t/e 1t/e oy 21%B Pdevelopment programs and initiatives.H E 2 e e .0 e e0 . 0mploy mplThese include professional and technicalCRUOK programs participant23,684kg 0% Signatory to the TJMF Y N L WEL k g/e y ycledonItraining such as our internal Continuing Con\x1fdential professionalNETSLegal Education sessions, a mentoringpsychological supportMental healthG A L loc 336t1.3t/employeeI C B 8 9 mp R tP e e e c neprogram to enable and guide entry level\x1frst aid trainingBuilding resilienceS I tEtraining Y INITIATIVES: NSolicitors, supervised workplace traineeshipsHPErgonomicsHealthGfor Law Graduates and our leadershipPOLICY checksFlu vaccinationsWork development program titled Reach Yourbased physical \x1ftness Dietary Peak for the firms current and futureSTAFFconsultations Mindfulness sessions2019 AusLSA R E CYCLIN Gleaders.PUBLISHED SURVEYSand educational programsWeeklyOFFICESgroup \x1ftness and yoga classes SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE The firm fosters a safe and healthy workforce Corporate massages 100% 80%and continues to invest in ways to supportPOLICYthe changing lifestyle needs of its people. Through our Live Well program, employeesLE W OR KI B P L STAFF have access to educational seminars, healthSURVEYS20% 40%checks and employee assistance programsX A PUBLISHEDto improve and maintain their health andL E INITIATIVES: Cwell-being, both physically andFFlexible hours of work E Part time workJob sharing% of\x1fce a abilitypsychologically.TelecommutingUnpaid leave vailCarers leaveStudy leaveCeremonial leaveCompressed working hours POLICY Headcount: 267 (FTE)Floor Area: 4,252m2132 WEEKS WEEKS 100% PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO McInnes Wilson Lawyers is a national law firm with offices located in Brisbane, Sydney, PRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER A BLE PUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Southport, Maroochydore and Parramatta. The firms vision isI T G I OUR COMMUNITYLEAVE to be a leading full service legal and advisory company and employer of choice, withR VA INITIATIVES: I Ninternational affiliations and a commitment to quality client service, value and responsiveness.H SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: We are a full service law firm with a wealth of experience in a broad range of specialised legalCCorporate donationsG FoundationsStaff services representing local, national and international clients.givingSubsidised charity The firm is proud to be an affiliate of Globalaw, a leading worldwide network comprising ofevent participationU CT / RIS K 110 independent law firms with more than 4,500 lawyers practising in over 85 countries.L V O L U NOUR GOVERNANCE N D M with our clients to understand their priorities and desired outcomes. The firm has aG A T CORPORATEWe take a strategic approach in providing commercial legal solutions, working closely EA N E GIVINGO EC POLICY Lproven track record of providing quality and cost effective legal services as wellINITIATIVES: PROGRAMSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: A as delivering outcomes for local governments in all regions. BoardsNon LegalRMcInnes Wilson Lawyers Executive ManagementG N volunteering programs F IOCommittee provides leadership and governance to allO McInnes Wilson Lawyers prides itself on providing technicallyNE excellent, tailored legal services and delivering value to our Nexternal and internal activities related to sustainabilityM GEclients through a diverse and well experienced workforce.strategies, goals and initiatives consistent with the firms strategic direction. Internal governance consists of the CEOD E NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALON COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGand Heads of Departments strategic approach onPARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESsustainability issues, workforce development andC CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR TCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPprofessional standards, to provide necessary support forTRAINING MECHANISM PLANcreating and establishing appropriate processes that areG AL PRO B O N US RECO N C Iimportant for achieving our strategic objectives.E O O LL N IFurtherGovernance activities include systematic verification of theinformation E AG Tfrom AusLSAeffectiveness of our quality management system byILITY R I Iundertaking internal and external audits and analysingA B E The below icons provide limitedD INITIATIVES: Operformance data, statutory and regulatory commitments.N O bono commitment. More extensiveNCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC P information about the \x1frms legal proNI IWeek activitiesInternship and employment Regular management reviews ensure that our qualityA R information is reported by the Australian ProprogramsMcInnes Wilson Lawyers is a management system is adequate and effective,T T Bono Centre and on individual \x1frms websites. member of Reconciliation Queensland towards achieving our sustainability goals. ProgressS I N STRATEGY IncorporatedUtowards achieving these goals are benchmarked with G POLICYSkey performance indicators. PROMOTED PRO BONOMcInnes Wilson Lawyers ensures that our policies arePUBLISHED CENTREunderstood, implemented and maintained throughoutTARGET IN DEVTall levels of the firm through a variety of regular training, induction programs and electronic distribution of our policy statements."