b'2019| GENERAL| WOTTON + KEARNEYMEMBEROUR PEOPLE IVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTL U S P L ER EQU M E A N NHO MISSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C A ND ALI A SI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C E T Y N INITIATIVES: G E OW+Ks people strategy guides activitiesN E G E NOGreen Star rated buildingsE R GROSS Sgeared to creating and maintaining a vibrantI R M Gand inclusive workplace environment, whereI 4-6 starNational Greenhouse606t2.2t/employeeVand Energy Reporting (NGERs)Eall employees have the opportunity to fulfilD POLICY POLICY compliant reportingEarth Hourtheir potential, where individualV L INITIATIVES: NWorld Environment Day 0.00% 0.00% 0.08%I NEE G TR B SCOPE 0.46tcontributions are valued and diversity isS TSignatory to the Law Council of Australia Diversity I IT and Equality Charter. POLICY ONE 0.08%encouraged.YW+K ensures equal opportunity through allPOLICY 38% 74% 91% ENV.hiring, promotion and developmentFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE IMPROVEMENT 46% 0.00%activities. With a high percentage of womenTARGET SCOPE 281tin workforce (38% of Partners and 69% ofPUBLISHED GENDERPARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL TWO 46%EQUITYtotal staff being female) our key focus is onTARGET STAFF STAFF 0.06t/m2 0.00t/m2promoting diversity in leadership positions,GICAL W E R U S Ain particular the proportion of women inL O E L P G SCOPE 53% 0% 324tsenior roles.O INITIATIVES: L A E THREE t/em y t/em ye 53%B PHCERTIFICATION: 1 .2 e e 0 eC E plo ploThe Womens Leadership Forum, tailored Beyond Blue programs FSCNCOScareer mentoring program and leadershipY participantRUOK programsI Ndevelopment courses have been establishedS participantBlack Dog programsAL WEL 19,773kg 16% NETparticipantCon\x1fdential professionalG Lto champion womens professionalP psychological supportFloor SupportS I C B E kg/e loy ycled con 606t2.2t/employeeadvancement. W+K foster a flexibleOf\x1fcers and Staff Partners trained andY I N 7 1 mp e R e te c t e nenvironment - 20% of employees, includingappointed in each of\x1fce H Gpartners, work under a formal flexibleP INITIATIVES:POLICYarrangement. ErgonomicsFlu vaccinationsCLI Work based physical \x1ftness 2019 AusLSA E CY N GW+K focus on exploring alternatives toRtraditional ways of working and invest heavilyPUBLISHED POLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILEOFFICESin technology which allows our staff to100% 100%perform more efficiently and remain engaged regardless of where, when andPUBLISHEDhow work is done.I B LE W OR K P75% 100%Established wellbeing programs (fluX L Avaccinations and partnering with Black DogEINITIATIVES: CF L EInstitute and RUOK) demonstrate our commitment to employees physical and Flexible hours of work % of\x1fce a ilability Time in lieuPart time workvamental health. Trained Floor Support Job sharingTelecommuting Officers, Staff Partners and EAP provide a Unpaid leaveCarers leave support network to assist employees in Purchased annual leaveconfidentially dealing with personal orPOLICY Headcount: 280 (FTE)Floor Area: 4,800m2102 workplace issues. WEEKS WEEKS 100%PAID PARENTAL LEAVEPRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO Dedicated to insurance Wotton + Kearney has one focusinsurance law. Since our inception WORK AFTER BLE in Sydney in 2002, we have grown to one of Australasias largest insurance law teams. WithI TA G IPUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL over 140 lawyers across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in Australia, andOUR COMMUNITYLEAVE R VA IAuckland and Wellington in New Zealand, our dedication to insurance makes us the law firmH INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: of choice for some of the largest insurers, brokers and industry participants operating in thisCCorporate donationsGregion. FoundationsStaff Leaders in our field W+K is ranked as a Band 1 firm for insurance law by ChambersgivingAsia-Pacific in Australia, and both our Australian and New Zealand teams are U CT / RIS K recognised by the Legal 500 Asia Pacific as a Top Tier Firm 2018.L V O L U NOUR GOVERNANCE N D M Local insight. International reach. In January 2017 W+K was a founding memberG A T CORPORATEof a new innovative legal services model, Legalign Global, an allianceE INITIATIVES: PROGRAMA E GIVINGO N EC POLICY between four of the worlds leading insurance law firmsBLD BachLBoardsNon Legal SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: W+K actively works to ensure that we meetF A Langheid Dallmayr (Germany), DAC Beachcroft (UK) and Wilson Elservolunteering programs RNI NGOall requirements in areas where regulationsO (US), developed in response to increasing globalisation. Legalign Allocation of paid volunteer Eguide our work. Our business relies on aM Global facilitates a more effective legal services response toN time for employeesGErange of specialist skills, including Legal,global insurers and to their customers participating Financial, Information Technology, PeopleD E 63%ON in multi-national insurance programs and and Supplier practices. CT works to a common ClientNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALAll professionals within the business areCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK Services Charter. PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENTresponsible for maintaining licensing andTRAINING MECHANISM PLANprofessional accreditations as active practicing professionals.FurtherAcross the business, we are also guided byinformationfrom AusLSArelevant legislative and compliance The below icons provide limited frameworks that inform the policies andinformation about the \x1frms legal pro practices of the firm and the day to day workbono commitment. More extensive of our people information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.STRATEGYTARGET METPRO BONOIN DEVT CENTRETARGET'